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As the Pioneers and the only Manufacturers of mechanical dial scales in Sri Lanka our quality wide array of products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to meet a variety of weighing requirements.


Imported Electronics is a well-known brand Icon in the Local retail and whole sale trading Community due to the Trust, Reliability and Dedicated after sales Service built over the years.


Our Electronic platform Scales are durable and heavy-duty weighing machines which offer reliable accuracy which makes Budry the Ultimate choice of the Customer.



Whether you have a market stall or a multi- department super market, we offer price computing scales to suit any operation and to suit your budget. All scales are designed to be tough, reliable and easy to use, Enhancing the speed and efficiency of our customer service.

The scales are designed with stainless steel weighing pan, dual display for both customer and Vendor, re chargeable battery pack, printing facility or and net working.

These scales are approved by measurement units and services department (MUSSD) of Sri Lanka for commercial use.

Now Available for Your Weighbridge – 10 Year Load Cell Warranty

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Durable weighbridges for long truck scale life

Truck scales in this category are designed for trucks that are used in normal highway transportation. The modular design of these products allow for customization to suit your exact needs. Choose from a wide range of steel and concrete deck truck scale designs that use our POWERCELL load cell technology to provide proven performance and exceptional durability.

Lifecycle Testing  in Sri lanka

Both steel- and concrete-deck METTLER TOLEDO truck scales use the proven design of orthotropic ribs. This unique design helps direct the pressure of a heavy load away from areas that would be fatigued by stress. Continuous welds along the seam of each rib to the deck ensure lasting strength in Sri lanka


Every new weighbridge design undergoes rigorous lifecycle testing. Over a couple of months, each weighbridge design is tested to a minimum of one million cycles – or 20 years of heavy use. This testing helps guarantee the best quality and longest scale life.

Proven Weighbridge Design in Sri lanka

Both steel- and concrete-deck METTLER TOLEDO truck scales use the proven design of orthotropic ribs. This unique design helps direct the pressure of a heavy load away from areas that would be fatigued by stress. Continuous welds along the seam of each rib to the deck ensure lasting strength.





METTLER TOLEDO weighbridges protect your business by supplying you with accurate  weighbridges
Designed to survive in any work environment. METTLER TOLEDO invests in your future by building
the most robust weighbridges and unmatched industry leading weighbridge electronics designed
For a long service life.

METTLER TOLEDO weighbridges have a proven history of accurate vehicle weighing in the most demanding
Industries and the toughest environments. No matter what type of vehicle weighing application you have,
We offer solution.

METTLER TOLEDO complements the best vehicle scales with best-in-class vehicle scale installation,
Calibration, conversion, and maintenance service.

Our comprehensive design, analysis, and testing programme enables us to deliver scales with the proven
Ability to meet the demands of your Weighing application. No other manufacture designs and tests weighbridges
this thoroughly.


Every possibility for Installation, Foundation and Value

  • Surface Mount foundation
  • Shallow Pit Foundation
  • Deep Pit Foundation

Special Features in METTLER TOLEDO Weighbridge

  • produced in the world’s newest vehicle scale production facility
  • machine welded to obtain the best weld quality and long life
  • The steel in each is shot blasted to create a fantastic painting surface
  • acrylic polyurethane painted and temperature cured to eliminate corrosion
  • Easily removable access plates make maintenance easy
  • The W/B fits easily into a standard sea container or on a flat bed truck to reduce transportation costs – no wide loads
  • Optional side rails – assist drivers and ensures that the truck is properly positioned
  • Optional risers elevate the scale for more bottom clearance and easier cleaning when material accumulatebelow the scale

Load Cell

Mettler Toledo


Compresion Type


Mettler Toledo

IND 221






Mettler Toledo


(Weight & Measurement department approved version)



LQ 300-11

Dot Metric


Mettler Toledo

Body Composition Scale, Wifi Weight Scale

Bioimpedance is the common method used by household scales to calculate body composition. iHealth Core uses the bioimpedence method by using 4 conductors to determine the hindrance of electrical flow through the body, and uses that to calculate the total body water. From the total body water, it can estimate the 9 data points. As a bonus, we have a separate sensor for indoortemperature and humidity, so you can adjust your thermostat to keep your body in optimal condition.

You can know if you are healthy for your height. A small number or large number may not necessarily be better.
Body Fat
It helps you to adjust your lifestyle. The lower the better.
It determines if your weight may be due to fat. The lower the better.
Body Water
It lets you know how much water is in your system and can help you tell if you need to drink more water.
Lean Mass
Lean mass helps gauge how many calories you burn at rest. It can help you know how many calories you need to intake.
Visceral Fat Rating
This is important to understand how much fat you have in the abdominal wall. You can use this to manage your health and prevent diabetes.
Muscle Mass
If you are looking to build muscle, this can show you how much muscle you have now.
Bone Mass
It tells you how much your bones weigh.
Daily Calorie Intake
Use this to eat the optimal amount of calories you need.

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