220V 400mm IMPULSE SEALER Heat Teflon Sealing Machine Impulse bag Sealer Seal Sackholder Poly Tubing Plastic Bag Kit kitchen

DBF-900 Automatic Continuous Band Sealer


and step less speed adjusting transmission mechanism. It can seal plastic films of various materials. If necessary, pressing wheel and counting device can be fixed to it as well. And the newly type (microcomputer control ) with counting device..




Power supply

AC 110V/60HZ 220-240V/50-60HZ 1 Phase

Power consumption


Sealing speed


Sealing width


Temperature range


Printing letters

1 lines 15 letters (steel pressing wheel printing)

Conveyor loading






plastic bag sealing machine FR900 / plastic capper machine/ sealing machine


Plastic Bag Sealing Machine

Work on plastic bag of Polyethylene, Polypropylene & Polyolefine Compounds in all sizes

Strong sealing seam
Unlimited sealing length
Rugged Powder Coated All-Metal Construction
Create sealing width Max. 14 MM
Sealing belts are oriented horizontally to allow for easy access and high throughput
Max loading weight of 3 KGS is ideal for most consumer good

Sealing speed and temperature adjustable with film thickness to ensure sealing quality

Electronic constant temperature mechanism
Stepless speed regulating transmission motor
Flexible height and wide changed with packet size
code date ,batch number
Sealing Width:  Max. 14 MM
Film Thickness : 0.03-0.80 MM

Sealing Speed : Max. 12 Meters Per Minute
Temperature Range : Max. 300 Degrees C
Conveyor Size:  L 775 x W 140 MM
Conveyor Load : Max. 3.0 KGS
Power Supply : 220 V, 50 HZ ( customer voltage)
Power Consumption : 600 W
Overall Size : L810 x W370 x H320 MM
Net Weight : 25 KGS
Gross weight: 35KGS


NOTES:(Please read this carefully firstly before you pay for the goods)

Our Products

Foot Operated Liquid Sealer
Sealing Length : 6”
Sealing For : LDP, HDP, PP (sealing & cutting)
Voltage : 230 V

Foot Operated Constant Heat Sealer 

Sealing Length : 8”,12”,16”,18”,24”
Sealing Width : 12mm, 15mm
Sealing For : Alufoil, Laminated. Polythene BOPP
Voltage : 230V

Foot Operated Direct Heat Sealer
Sealing Length : 12”,14”,18”
Sealing Width : 1mm
Sealing For : PP,LDP,HDP
Voltage : 230V

Foot Operated Impulse Sealer 

Sealing Length : 12”,18”,24”,30”,36”
Sealing Width : 3mm, 5mm )
Sealing For : HDP,LDP, PP
Voltage : 230V

Cup Sealer 
Model : CS
Sealing Diameter : 7.5 cm
Sealing For : Aluminium Pouch, BOPP
Voltage : 230V

L-Bar Sealer
Model : LBS
Sealing Length : 12”*16” & 16’*18”
Sealing For : Shrink Wrap Polythene
Voltage : 230V

Pneumatic Double Impulse Sealer

Sealing Length : 24”,36”,48”,60’
Sealing Width : 3mm,5mm
Sealing For : LDP, PP, HDP
Voltage : 230V

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