Fingerprint time attendance system / Access control system
ZK / Relend

Fingerprint Capacity up to 300,000
Log Capacity up to 800,000 events
Communication-USB/ TCIP / WIFI
Identification Mode-Fingerprint, Password, RFID , MRFD
1 Year Warranty
වැ‍ටුප් සැකසීමේ මෘදුකාන්ගයද ඔබට අවශ්ය පරිදි ලබාගත හැක.
Payroll Software also available
(conditions Apply)

1. Customer can connect the software to the A-F261 device via the WAN network.

2. One software can connect to several A-F261, to share the user info and get the attendance records.




  • Multiple Companies
  • Employee Information
    1. Personal,Professional
  • Categorized by Department, Class, Designation, Employee Type, Job Type
  • Basic Salary – Monthly, Custom Defined
  • Allowances, Deductions – Fixed, Variable
  • Staff Loan Maintenance and Repayments
  • Auto Calculations – OT, EPF, ETF, PAYE, Stamp Duty
  • E-Transfers (Online Transfers)- Bank Transfer (SLIPS), EPF, ETF Six month
  • Users and Permissions
  • Multi User Access
    1. Permission by User
    2. User Access Zones
  • Increments & Deductions
  • Nopay, Late, Salary Advances
  • Backing up and Restoring facilities



  • Salary Sheet, Pay Slip
  • Payroll Summary (Standard, by Department, by Class, by Job Type)
  • Coinage (Summary, Detail)
  • Salary Advances, Overtime, Nopay, Late Deduction, Salary Detail by Employee
  • Active, Inactive, Terminated employees, Birthday List, Gratuity
  • Allowance, Fixed Allowance, Deduction, Fixed Deduction, Salary Increment
  • Signature Sheet, Bank Transfer
  • Loan summary, Loan Balance, Loan Detail by Employee, Loan Settled
  • C Form, R4 Form, Form C3 Return, Form II Return, PAYE Tax, T-9A, T-10, Stamp Duty
  • Many more Reports by Report Customization

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