Buy POS Software in Sri Lanka – Affordable point of sale software for Food Cafe, Restaurant, Hotels and Retail Store 

The Best Point of Sales Software Provider in Sri Lanka – POSLANKA – POS Systems

POS Lanka Systems is a dedicated point of sale consulting company offering POS software for different business applications. We offer  The Best Point of Sales Software  in Sri Lanka –  POS Lanka

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Hotel, Restaurant, Bar, Banquet Hall, Swimming Pools, Room Service, Receptions, Pastry, Bakery
Cabs & Rent a Car, Logistics, Transport, Service Station, Fuel Sheds
Spare Parts, Hardware, Pharmacy, Books Shop,
School, Classes, Lab Systems, etc.

Total Software Solutions for Front Office & Corporate Office Can be Customize to Fit Your Business

Lowest Price, Quality Service, Can Arrange Free Demonstration.

  • Special Features
  • System Support All Windows Tab..
  • Can Monitor Online Base
  • Auto Data Backup
  • Unlimited Data Savings
  • Free Software Upgrade
  • Optional Video Tutorial , Help & Support

POS Systems for any Businesses*****(Software Price Rs.25000)

Software+58POS Printer+Cash Drawer+Used Branded Computer(Core 2Duo/17inch monitor )  Rs.48500






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