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Anti-Theft Motorcycle Security Alarm System Remote Control Motorbike Bike Moto Scooter Motor Alarm System With Remote Start 12V

Warm Tips
Connected to the motorcycle battery -12V, red – positive, black – negative



Remote control can learn and clear,not afraid to lose.
Million group using code,security,ultra-long-distance remote control
Remote control yo adjust 4 Vibration sensitivity,easy to use
Built-in high sensitivit Vibration Sensors,with user friendly software design
Working voltage: DC 12V
Static Current: 3.5 mA
Alarm volume: about 125 db
Remote distance: MAX80 meters in the open air
Remote frequency: 315MHz

1.Lock key: to set guard against theft, after three seconds, the host will alarm by vibration
2.Unlock key: lift the security
Note:this alarm doesn’t have start function,so the other two keys,the lightning key and the bell key can not work,thanks for understanding.

Package Includes:
1x Anti-Theft Burglar Alarm + Accessories





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