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Automatic door closer hinge with DC 12 V brushless motor,DC 12V automatic swing door openers

Automatic Door Closer Hinge

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One set electric door opener includes: Opener, 2 arms, 2 remotes, 2 push buttons.
Articulated arm and sliding arm both available, can be mounted on the hinge side and opposite hinge side.


Automatic Door Closer Hinge Technical Specification


Benefits of the Automatic Door Closer:

  • Door-closing device shuts the basement door automatically to help prevent accidents
  • Automatic Door Closer is suitable for right or left-handed doors
  • Door-closing device is maintenance-free


Automatic Door Closer Hinge Feature and Adventage
  • surface mounting
  • Push-Go: Automatic activation by pushing or pulling door panel
  • Quiet and aesthetically pleasing
  • Electric strike integration
  • Efficient and cost-effective

If you need more functions and have additional requirements, like mobile/ Wifi control device, Debug version, need other accessories or remote controls and etc., please contact us. 
As usual, aluminum rail and cover is necessary for automatic sliding door opener, if you need them, please leave a message about your door size details and we will double confirm our best offer for your order.

Slide Type Automatic Door Opener Features

1.Good applicability and high selectivity — It can be applied to all kinds of doors, The automatic sliding door opener has a wide range of applications, like  convenience stores, dining-hall, hotel, office, bank,and etc..
2. Imported chips, aviation aluminum — High aluminum alloy rail and cover,microcomputer controller,brushless DC motor, remote control door.
3.Low noise, smooth running — Adopt special lubrication measures, special deceleration and static wheel structure, professional design of the crane roller structure, greatly reduce the running noise.
4.Obstacle avoidance design — When the door closes, encounter certain obstacle, automatic door can bounce back automatically
5.Imported motor —   with fast speed and service life of more than 1 million times
Brushless dc motor, fully sealed structure. Small size and high power dc brushless motor, longer than brush motor life, less noise.
safety protection circuit device, even if the frequent open and close, can achieve long-term no-fault operation
6.Microcomputer controllers use cutting-edge technology,has   efficient loop, overload protection,  memory and correction functions;
It can be checked to know the door leaf (size, weight) to set the operation parameters, so that the door maintains a good operation state of reliability,  The controller itself has 24V power supply, without using transformer.

slim automatic sliding door opener

Slide Type Automatic Door Opener Technical Data 

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