POS Software , Buy POS System Online in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankans Cheap and Best  Point of Sale (POS) System

Super Markets, Grocery Shops, Restaurants, Pharmacies, Book Shops,
Fancy Item Stops, Spare Parts Shops, Hardware Shops or any other retail or
whole sale business etc.

Sales and Stock Management
Multi Location
Barcode creation & printing
Customizable Bill/Invoice with your own logo
No Need Computer knowledge

Whole Sale Price
POS Printers and Parts and Repair
POS Drawer
Customer Display
Barcode Scanner

Web :www.techcart.lk
Email: techcartlanka@gmail.com
Hot Line : 0716066665
Cool Line : 0115966665

බස් එකේ ගෙදර හෝ ඉන්නා තැනක ඉදන්  දවසේ ලාබය විකුණුම් INVENTORY සියල්ල ටක් ටක් ගලා බලාගන්න ඕනද?

මිල අධික මෘදුකාංග හා උපකරණ යොදා ගැනීමට ඔබ  අකමැති දහැමදාම ගිණුම් තබා ඔබ  වෙහෙසට පත් වෙලා ද දැරිය හැකි මුදලකට අවශය සියලු පහසුකම් සහිතව ප්දදතියක් ගැන ඔබ සොයමින් සිටියේ නම් මෙන්න විසදුම !!

We are specialists in providing interactive IT solutions and electronic component design with utilization of the latest technologies, our focus is to establish long term customer relationships based on trust and a commitment to offer intranet solutions to our clients’ requirements. By choosing TECHCART to handle your creative needs , not only will we ensure to design and develop your presence but we will also help to achieve your marketing goals.


What’s more,We provides much more than basic solutions for your own  Type Business.

  1. Money Manager (POS System).
  2. Dealer Management Solutions.
  3. Accounting  & Inventory Solutions.
  4. Company Process Management Systems.
  5. Customized Software Developments.
  6. Web Site Designing.
  7. Electronic Embedded System.
  8. Other Customized Software Solution

Know whats going on with your business with just few clicks & take better decisions.

We’re very serious about helping you succeed by giving you all kinds of support to understand and implement our solution.

Call Us – 07160666665and fix a date for free  consultancy

Our​ ​ultimate​ ​POS​ ​systems

❖ POS ​ ​Super mini – supermarkets,wholesale ​ ​shops
❖ POS ​ ​Books – ​​StoreMinibookshop,Large ​ ​scale ​ ​bookshops
❖ POS ​ ​Pharmacy-Pharmacy, ​ ​Dispensary ​ ​,Channeling
❖ POS ​ ​Café-Coffee ​ ​shop, ​ ​Tea ​ ​shop,FastFood ​ ​shops
❖ POS ​ ​Toys-Toys​ ​shops, ​ ​kids ​ ​shops
❖ POS ​ ​​ ​Elect-Electricalitem ​ ​shop,Light ​fitting ​ ​shops
❖ POS ​ ​​ ​Hard-Minihardwares,household​ ​​ ​appliances
❖ POS ​ ​Saloon-Beautysaloon,bridaldressing ​ ​shop
❖ POS ​ ​Mobile- ​ ​Shopmobile ​ ​phone ​ ​shop,Computershops
❖ POS ​ ​Textile-Minitextile ​ ​shops, ​ ​bags shops

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