Call now 0716066665 Techcart Lanka Solution Clothing Store RF Mono EAS Alarm System 8.2mhz Alarm Antenna Sensor Gate for anti theft system Tags Detector EAS Alarm Sensor1.The Working principle of EAS antenna IP Cameras,Burglar Alarm, Wired Alarm System , Wireless Alarm System , Smoke Detector , Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector , Gas Detector , Infrared Detector ,Photo Beam Detector […]

SUPER MARKET ALARM SYSTEM Anti-Theft Security Tagging Systems & Accessories   Radio frequency (RF and RFID) tags Wireless world Radio or wireless is a way of transmitting energy through empty space—that is, instead of using a wire cable. The energy is carried by invisible waves of electricity and magnetism that vibrate through the air at the speed of light. The basic science […]